About JY

JY Nutrition & Wellness is a team of accredited nutritionists and fitness experts, who have got your back along your journey of fitness, well-being and happiness.

We are here to empower you to achieve a healthy body and mind that you want. Fitness, body image, weight management, nutrition plans and more.

Engage with us to learn the smart, health insider tips that you may not know, Energize your body and mind with our innovative and tailored health programs, Transform with professional analysis, tracked logs and insights, Get motivated with JY specialists who give consistently high-quality care and attention, Together we achieve fitness, weight and wellness goals smartly and efficiently. And, we trust you will find the greatest joy of self-discovery and achievement.

A personal and accredited nutritionist and fitness coach is no longer just for A-list celebrities. No matter you are a busy entrepreneur, full-time mom, frequent traveller, just one click away, you can consult specialists at our office, or get connected with them via messenger, voice or video calls, anytime and anywhere you want.

Meet the Founder

Jacqueline Yam, founder of JY Nutrition & Wellness, She is a postgraduate degree holder of Human Nutrition of Deakin University, Australia, as well as International Certified Personal Trainer by IPTA (International Personal Trainer Academy).

Words from Jacqueline.Y

We all know that a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there. I’m glad that you are here – the end of comfort zone, also the beginning of a new and amazing life.

It’s important, at the same time, to understand everyone has different health goals and start from a different place, habits, lifestyle. Yet, we are all heading to the same place – a better and happier self.

The world is trending with fitness and wellness apps and programs. Like most of you who admire and struggle from getting that Instagram desired body image, I used to be my own fitness and diet lab, testing all dietary plans and workout techniques available on magazines and online. I was gradually torn apart by obsession, stress and low self-esteem without getting the results I hoped for. Life only began to transform when I decided to be my own professional, by pursuing a postgraduate course in Human Nutrition. Where I gained professional and scientific human nutrition knowledge that truly leads to a sustainable weight and health goals. First time of my life, I had no rebounded results, no mental struggle, and yet I sustained my health and weight goal until now.

To keep that journey going is not just about discipline, but a sustainable and smart approach. JY Nutrition & Wellness respects and understands you as a unique person. Our accredited nutritionists and specialists do not compensate your appetite, health and emotional well-being. We offer personalized nutrition, weight management and fitness programs in a holistic approach, supported by scientific analysis and researches. And we do this as a team with you, to build a positive relationship with smart eating, healthy lifestyle and a stronger mind. Because it is a lifelong journey that transform you, with no regrets.