45-minute Initial Session

We will run a scientific assessment based on your body weight and BMI; get to know your desired weight goal and set achievable target that you will get out of our programme. We will access your current eating habit and lifestyle, your past experience with dieting and tailor made a personalised programme that works for you.

Unlimited WhatsApp/WeChat/Email Support

You may raise any questions directly to your nutritionist during your programme via mobile messenger.

A caption of description with a photo of your meal is encouraged to send to your nutritionist as often as you can, it acts as a food journal for yourself and give access to your nutritionist to have a better knowledge of your progress and advice to you in between review appointments.

Free Certified Personal Trainer Designed Challenge

In each review, it comes along with free Personal Trainer tips and challenges for those who would want an extra mile on sculping their ultimate body figure.

THREE, 40-minute Review Sessions Each Month

A scheduled review (in person appointment/ phone or video calls) will be carried out every 7 to 10 days, on average. In Each follow up, we will discuss and evaluate your progress and weight goals, update meal plans and task.

*You and your dietitian will discuss how often would work best for you. This may mean weekly sessions to start, with sessions then spaced out later on.

*In person appointment charges $190 per review payable upon arrival.