Weight Management

Each Packages include:

Step 1 – Free consultation with our specialists

Get in touch to schedule a free online or face to face consultation with our accredited nutritionists and fitness experts. Let us know your health and weight goals, also your fears and worries.

Step 2 – Personal initial assessment with scientific analysis

We offer weight analysis and body type evaluation in a comprehensive and scientific approach. Create healthy dietary plan and learn what nutrition intake to attain optimal weight control. The session(s) is HKD500 but is waived once you decide to move forward with any of our nutrition or fitness program. Now you are a step closer to achieving health goals.

Step 3 – Start now!

Kickstart your personalized program now! We design programs tailored to achieving your weight and fitness goal. All packages include assessment of your body weight, dietary habit and lifestyle, followed by 3 review sessions per month with your personal nutritionists and specialists. In person review charges additional $180 payable upon arrival.

1 Month Kick starter programme

Best for those who has a few changes to their overall healthy diet, a slight trimming on their body image or to shred the last bit of stubborn fat.

3 Months slimming programme

For those who wish for a significance change in body image and body weight , eating habit, lifestyle & health.

6 Months slimming programme

For those looking for ultimate transformation on their body image and body weight ,lifestyle, eating habit, health. Programme aims to coach clients to live a wise eating life without rebound.